That’s So(h) Romaine


Budding track junkie with a passion for sports writing, dabbling in visual storytelling through photography and videography.

If I had a creative bone in my body, people would be busting their banks to pay for my Shakespearean quality work. I get by through telling people’s stories in the hopes of infusing life into black and white and inspiring someone in this big wide world. Sometimes, I even make these stories literally come to life by spinning a film about them.

Besides jamming a microphone or a camera into some of the greatest athletes analyzing what makes them so great, I sometimes visit their oval office as well to put in some miles and exchange smiles. (I still go by the metric system, but try being poetic with “kilometres”…)

Besides the what ifs and could’ve beens, one thing is for sure: I have a passion for storytelling. Most importantly, I enjoy what I do.

I’d rather jump into a debate about what’s the most torturous athletics event rather than the “I feel nauseous” VS “I feel nauseated” dispute.

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