Saturdays in Eugene

Recently, I set myself a goal: To explore new places each weekend.

Today, I visited the Eugene Backyard Farmer at 5th and Washington St, the go-to place for people looking to raise chickens in, well, their backyards. They had live chicks for sale!

The chicks all congregated on this side away from me when I lowered my camera down….guess they’re camera shy!

I think there were at least 5 different breeds of chicks to choose from, but these two tanks were the best lit as compared to the others lit by red bulbs!


After ogling over these chicks, I spotted this dog outside a Starbucks just a block away!

Hello beautiful 🙂

“Why are you still here taking photos of me?”

“Help me master, this strange girl refuses to leave me alone!”

“Why isn’t master coming out yet….oh well, I’ll stretch first.”

“Maybe if I sit down and not move a muscle, this strange girl will finally leave me alone.”

And so I did, only to pass by the Eugene Public Market held every Saturday! (excluding Winter) It’s an occasion when people can set up shop and peddle their handmade merchandise, mainly consisting of jewelry, artwork, tie-dye shirts. There were also food carts that sold fair-like food, like churros! Definitely touring the food carts next time when I’m not so full.

The sun appeared momentarily, and this jewel caught my eye when it reflected the sun’s rays back at me 🙂


And that was my journey through Downtown Eugene today! I should probably hit the hiking trails soon, Oregon is supposed to be known for its nature!


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