Catching up on summer!

I am back! It’s been waaaaaaaay too long since I jotted down ANYTHING. Let’s start with the CRAZY WEATHER! The heat waves this summer have been NO JOKE, peaking at 110˚F/41˚C. Too hot to function!!!


I’d heard summer school would be pretty chill, but boyyyyyy that was FALSE. At least for 2 out of my 3 classes it was. I had no idea what I was in for when I signed up for an intensive six-day zero-week class that focused on story-telling and how to make good videos from a good story! I’ll post about that experience separately, but it was truly a unique and empowering experience. Here’s a sneak peak of behind-the-scenes footage:

Since zero-week class ended on a Sunday, I had less than 24 hours before my “real” summer classes started! My first class, titled “Gender, Media & Diversity” wasted no time in plunging us right into the content. We were assigned to summarize 1-2 readings (amounting to 30-40 pages on average) EVERY DAY. Accomplishing this mean feat meant skimming the readings in order to go to bed at a healthy time. This did not sit well with my reading style of slowly digesting each line to understand the big picture of each reading. My excitement was immeasurable after I submitted the very last reading assignment! Sorry teacher, I love you, but the reading assignments were NOT fun.

Now, I’m left with 2 in-class days of my second and last summer class, Media Ethics. This is what summer class is all about! Quizzes are short MCQs, and they are open-book! No complaints about that. 😉 There’s a paper due by the end of the session, but we got to choose our topic for the paper, so all’s good!

I like how the GTFs use comedy to teach us the serious stuff. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is my new youtube go-to podcast so I can actually learn stuff while doing other mundane chores.

That’s quite enough with academia. ON TO THE FUN STUFF!


Andy invited my bro and me to spend the weekend at his cabin up in Lilliwaup, WA. His backyard faces this huge canal of seawater, and he has a collection of kayaks and boards in his boathouse, so water activities were the primary form of entertainment!

I was certain that my parents were going to flip because we went out of town without telling them beforehand, AGAIN, but I think they were comforted by the fact that we were traveling in a group of adults. And the drive was not as long as that trip down to California. Then again I could be wrong.

When you live next to a seawater canal where crabs live in abundance, the logical decision is to go crabbing!

This crab was pretty much dead which is pretty much the only reason why I’m holding a crab.😂

Disclaimer: crab innards are coming up. RIGHT ABOUT NOW.

Apparently breaking off the crab’s shell is the fast way to kill it. Look at those beautiful innards! Nice to the touch! (I’m obviously kidding.)

I was tasked with taking out the jelly-looking things from the inside of the crab. I CANNOT DEAL WITH TOUCHING INNARDS. This is why I’m not a doctor😂

RIPPING THAT CRAB FURTHER to clean out more of its beautiful innards! We only caught two, so they turned out to be an appetizer instead of the main course. But they were delicioussssss. Just boil them and eat em up! The saltwater in them were enough to make them tasty.

The next day, Andy decided to troll us all by bringing us for a “leisurely hike up the mountain”. Never trust an outdoors-savvy guy when he ranks something as “leisurely”. It turned out to be 1.5h of uphill torture. At some parts, we were literally on our hands navigating huge ass rocks because there was no stable space for our feet to land without resulting in us tumbling down the mountain.

My poor back. My poor legs. My poor body. 😦 But I did it!

The cabin gang pre-hike! The pregnant woman was seriously considering subjecting herself and her elderly dog (the black lab Humphrey whom I’m getting to look at the camera!) to THAT. I’m glad she turned back early.

View from Mt. Ellinor. WE RULE THE WORLD!


Just kidding it’s ME who rules the world.😎


There were 2-3 dogs hanging out at the cabin as well so I was never lacking in furry company :)))

1. Clover the one-year old golden doodle! She was the baby of the furries at the cabin so she pretty much went wild. And she intercepted our ball game because she thought we were playing with her😂 I walk her sometimes so she was my best furry friend going into the trip.

I can only imagine hugging Clover in the winter……warm furry bolster. Heaven.❤️

2. Humphrey the twelve-year old black lab! He’s an oldie but he still loves being active. He doggy-paddled next to his owners while they kayaked/stand-up paddle boarded in the canal! And he climbed onto the paddle board when he got tired. If only I had a waterproof camera to capture those golden moments😔 Thankfully he stayed still while I pointed my what could only have looked like a black monstrosity in his face. He’s an angel.

What. A. SIR. That Darlie smile.


3. Duchess the speckled spaniel! She’s an oldie too, so she was able to entertain my lifting her off the ground for pretty long before she started wiggling out of my hug. Creepy comment but…..her butt is so silky.❤️


I spent the day chilling with my bro’s Team Run Eugene teammates playing beach volleyball and river floating! So glad I still remember some of the volleyball basics from PE last time. (Thanks Old Chan! 🙂 ) River floating has been a summer bucket list goal ever since last summer, and finally it’s my turn to kick back and chill! I had considered taking my camera/phone with me to go river floating, but I hadn’t brought anything that would protect wither from the water. I was sure glad that I chose not to bring either in: I was dragged unceremoniously into the water twice! Here are some beach volleyball photos to make up for the lack of chill-in-the-middle-of-the-river photos.

I especially appreciate Mel’s (the blonde in the chili pants) seemingly doubtful look as Dan gets the ball.

I lied – I told Jordyn (the birthday girl that day!) I’d make a gif from her action shots, but I was only really happy with these three. Maybe next time I’ll be better at working that manual focus!


Power couple Rob and Caro. 😉

In a nutshell, that has been my summer in Eugene! I’m headed back to Singapore for a quick break in five days to a much more humid and warm climate. Joyyyyyy. But I miss my friends. 🙂 Being overseas has cost me quite a few of my friends’ 21st birthday parties, and I doubt I’ll be attending one on my short break home. 😦 But that means I have the privilege of having a private celebration with them to welcome them to adulthood! Haha.


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