That’s So(h) Romaine


“Budding track junkie with a passion for sports writing and venturing outdoors.”

If I had a creative bone in my body, people would be busting their banks to pay for my Shakespearean quality work. I get by through telling people’s stories in the hopes of infusing life into black and white and inspiring someone in this big wide world. Sometimes, I even make these stories literally come to life by spinning a film about them.

I was once a step closer to being one of the fastest women on the planet by exploring what physical limits my body could reach. Now, I jam a microphone in the faces of said fastest women in the mixed media zone while analyzing what makes them so great. Occasionally, I sprint across race courses and infields to capture athletes’ raw emotions and the beauty of their art in the oval office. (I mean the glorious 400-meter track.)

Besides the what ifs and could’ve beens, one thing is for sure: I have a passion for storytelling. Most importantly, I enjoy what I do.

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