Alternative Medicine

This project was something I worked on in a class that covered the basics of interviewing, photographing and filming, where students could choose their own topics. Alternative medicine was my ultimate choice; I figured since healthcare is a part of everyone’s lives, it is something everyone can relate to.



Mike Blackmore, Licensed Massage Therapist

Sore back? Need rehab after that really bad injury? Don’t worry, because Mike is here to help! Besides providing massage services for athletes who need their regular rubdowns throughout their rigorous training schedule, he also guides patients through their rehab phase by prescribing strengthening exercises and such.


Editing & Filming

Dr Kelli Rosen, Veterinarian

Cascade Animal Clinic is one of select animal clinics in the Eugene-Springfield area that offers acupuncture services for animals. Here is Dr Rosen in action, while explaining her decision to embrace alternative remedies for animals.


Jorge Salazar, Sports Masseuse

Jorge has worked with numerous professional athletes, with Olympians making up some of the mix. Being an avid runner himself, Jorge is definitely not lacking in the passion department in his job as a sports masseuse.


Interviewing, Storytelling

Dr Sariantra Kali, Acupuncturist

Having experienced concussions not once, but twice, Dr Sariantra certainly had the motivation to seek out any possible remedies that would cure the numerous side-effects Western medicine brought on. She found solace in the wonders of alternative remedies, and she lives to tell the tale, while at the same time providing alternative therapies herself, having reaped the benefits of her personal cure.

Acupuncturist Defies All Odds to Land Dream Job

Dr Sariantra ushers her patient into the consultation room – a tiny space with walls painted a cheery pink, adorned by two identical chairs spaced three feet apart and a small bedside table. The basic furnishing diminishes any power play; the absence of an intimidating table or fancy office chair ensures equal status among everyone.

A licensed acupuncturist based in Eugene, Sariantra boasts a doctorate in Chinese medicine. Having been constantly on the move during her childhood, she was exposed to many cultures, granting her the gift of open-mindedness.

Sariantra’s first job was in the creative arts industry: vastly different from her current medical career. The unpredictability of her acting job and the untimely death of her partner, who succumbed to leukemia at the age of 25, catalyzed her career switch, as it made her realize that life was too short to be doing things she would regret. Deciding to end her mid-life crisis, Sariantra applied to medical school at the age of 34.

While studying medicine, Sariantra suffered a head injury when she got hit by a truck. Although she was prescribed Dilantin, a Western drug, to help suppress her seizures, she was not given anything that could cure her short-term memory loss. Because she could not remember the content, her grades started to decline. Her tendency to suffer from seizures isolated her from her classmates as they were terrified of her incidents.

Unable to study effectively and lacking peer support, the odds were stacked against her. Ignoring her doctor’s advice to drop out of school and live the life of a disabled, Sariantra sought the help of Chinese medicine and osteopathy, determined to regain her memory. This determination saw her through medical school, earning her first Masters degree. Sariantra’s thirst for knowledge inspired her to earn a second Masters in psychology to complement her focus in Chinese medicine.

With her freshly earned doctorate, Sariantra is confident to help treat more illnesses. She no longer needs to refer those with more severe conditions, such as post radiation cancer patients, to other doctors. “Now,” she said. “I am empowered to help them.”