Smartphone Photography

This past winter, I took a class that taught the basics of taking a good photograph, as well as going over the social responsibilities and ethics of a citizen journalist.

As the title suggests, we were only allowed to use our smartphones to create our masterpieces! I used a Samsung Galaxy S5 for this class.

Some of my stuff even made it to the class blog!

Below are some of my work for various themes the professor had us practice in the lead-up to the final project, a photo series to execute an idea.

Light & Composition

We pay attention to basic framing of our shots and manipulating the light to fit our desires.

Closeup, Color and Motion

I particularly enjoyed taking the motion shots (motion pan and motion blur) since they gave me new ideas to try out the next time I hit up an athletics meet with my DSLR!

Cool Photos!

One day the prof decided it would be cool to pit us against one another in a photo competition and have the class judge our peers’ work to determine the coolest photos. No theme was given; we were given free reign over what we thought would be cool.


Photo Hacks

Deriving inspiration from here and here, I tried out the panodash, the cardboard pinhole physical filter, inceptualizing selfies and the polarized lens physical filter!

Photo Series

I wanted to explore the idea of how our shoes play a major role in our lives. They bring us through life’s ups and downs, when we face major hurdles in decision making, and the vast terrains we traverse while we journey through life.