Sports Media Production

In the summer of my sophomore year, I participated in a one-week intensive Sports Media workshop. The first half of the workshop was a classroom setting, where we clocked eight-hour days in the first two days learning the techniques of telling a story, interview techniques, the basics of operating a HMC-40 video camera and the like. After the massive cramming session, the class of 23, divided into five groups, was set loose to find a story and produce two videos within a short span of five days.

The first prompt was to cover someone’s scar/the meaning of a tattoo. My team decided to take the unconventional route and decided to cover an emotional scar as opposed to a physical scar. Our subject for the first prompt was our very own teammate, Tianna Waite, who touches on how her experience in Afghanistan’s war zone has impacted her outlook on life.


The second prompt focused on character development, where we had the opportunity to choose someone/a team and tell their life story. We decided to feature the University of Oregon women’s athletic team, who had finally won an NCAA title since their last one 30 years ago in 1985. For many years, the women’s team had come close to clinching the title, but had failed until this year, and we get up close and personal with the team to find out what was the missing link that led their way to victory this time. The title of this video is the same as their motto, “Champions Do Extra”.

Guest appearances from the UO track team:
Sprinters/Jumpers – Jenna Prandini, Jasmine Todd, Marybeth Sant, Alisha Rowlee
Middle distance – Annie Leblanc, Raevyn Rogers
Distance – Brianna Nerud
Heptathlon – Ashlee Moore
Head coach Robert Johnson


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