Willamalane Sports Fields

For this project, I worked in a group of 4 to collaborate with the Eugene/Springfield-based Willamalane Parks and Recreation. Our group projects’ primary focus was to promote their sports fields, but individual projects would center on Willamalane as a whole.

Group Projects

Research, SWOT analysis

We researched the client’s background and conducted a SWOT analysis to compare it to its rivals in the area.

Creative Brief


Interviewing, Production, Editing

We interviewed the coach of Pelada Soccer, a kids-centric soccer team, on why he chose Willamalane as his main training ground.


Individual Projects

Interviewing, Storytelling

Client Testimonial – John Galas, Lane United Football Coach



Picking an upcoming event hosted by the client and making a promotional poster for it.

Design Assignment – Movies in the Park



Focus on one aspect of the client and create an infographic telling a story that encompasses that attribute

Infographic – Lack of Exercise