A PE teacher quit his job to channel his energy into full-time training for a full year to qualify for the 2017 Southeast Asian Games. Though he’s 32 and past his prime, he’s willing to give his athletic dream one last shot.


Gateways High School (Springfield, OR) is an alternative education option that has just been approved to be a public school. Kendal, a senior, tells us how she bounced around multiple public schools looking for the right fit before she found Gateways, where she can pursue her passion for music and basketball.

The A3 (Academy of Arts and Academics) is a public charter school in Springfield, OR that offers diverse programs for the students to choose from, such as theatre, health and science. Arai, a student in the school’s music program, tells us how the school’s unique teaching style helped him discover his true passion for theater.


Ever gone on a Tinder date? How many of those dates left you reeling from the experience and swearing off the app? Here’s a fun short that details some of the worst Tinder dates that you can get on the app.