Today (Singapore)

Though my summer internship with the Today publication lasted just five weeks, I was able to get a taste of real-world journalism. When they say news can appear anytime, anywhere, take it literally.

I was able to help out the team during the strenuous period of the Rio Olympics, contributing to some reports featuring the nation’s first Olympic gold medalist Joseph Schooling. When he returned to Singapore to celebrate his victory, I was often on ‘Schooling watch.’ I live tweeted the event when he went back to his grade school to talk the students and visit his former teachers. I also provided backup photo support when he was on a bus parade going around town.

The piece I’m proudest of from this stint is my first pitch of a PE teacher quitting his job to train full-time for the 2017 Southeast Asian Games. I was granted full authority over the story as well as the video that would accompany it. Upon publication, the story went viral. Many of his friends shared the story, a national athlete did a promotional post for him and a local site picked up the story. It even crossed the Pacific to become the top headline on popular American running site Since then, other publications have also followed up with his story and some companies have reached out to him for sponsorship opportunities.

I also had the honor of kicking off the ‘Why We Run’ series. This series aims to cover athletes who exercise for extraordinary reasons, such as running marathons to raise funds for dog shelters and going on a 800-kilometer trek to inspire the increasingly sedentary population to get moving.